The present local rules

These complement the permanent local federal rules of the year in progress. These are to be applied in full (available on the FFGOLF and the “Vademecum” in force). They cancel and replace all previous local rules

1. Immovable Obstructions (rule 16.1)

The following are immovable obstructions:
• The stone or tarred, according to rule 16.1
• Staked trees

2. Disallowed play

It is not permitted to go, in order to look for a ball out of bounds on the right side of the 6th hole, beyond the notice-board designating an ecologically sensitive area.

3. Dropping zone – As an addition to the rules, a dropping zone exists:

On the left bank of the lateral water hazard on the right side of the 17th hole.

4. Out of bounds

The external boundaries of the course are marked by white posts or by a fence.
Beyond the ditches on both sides, left and right of the first hole.
Behind the 5th hole.
Penalty for breach of the local rule: 2 strokes

5. Placement of the ball

A ball lying on any “closely mown area”* of the course may, without penalty, be lifted and cleaned. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, the player must place it back within less than the length of a scorecard from the place it lay initially, but not nearer the hole, and nor in a hazard nor on a green. A player may place his ball only once, and once it is placed the ball is in play (rule 14).
(*) “closely mown area” means any part of the course, including passages through the rough, which is mown the height of the cut of the fairway or less. Penalty for breach of the local rule: 2 strokes (if a player incurs the general penalty for the bre

6. Marques de distance :

80 metres : red-and-white posts, or red markers on the ground.
135 metres : grren-and-white posts, or blue markers on the ground