A little reminder about etiquette…

The golf course is yours to play on, but it is also for others, so let us together respect the basic rules, which entails always respecting the course, respecting the natural environment, respecting other players, and respecting allocated playing times.

Access to the 18-hole course is restricted to those who are licensed and who have playing rights (via a member’s card or a green fee ticket).

The ticket for the right to play to play the course is non-transferable and every round must be arranged at reception in order to facilitate fluidity of play.

It is a requirement to check in at the club house before you make use of any club’s facilities.

On the course, suitable dress is required, as well as footwear suitable for playing golf.

Never risk injury to anyone. Respect safe distances relative to your playing level.

Three minutes is the maximum time you have to search for any lost ball.

That is why we advise not to hesitate to play a provisional ball.

Out of respect for the course and to ensure comfortable play for others, it is incumbent on you to repair your pitch-marks, replace your divots and rake bunkers after playing from them.

Beware of speaking too loudly and thus disturbing other players.

Think about putting your mobile phone in “silent” mode.

Don’t forget that each player must have their own sack and clubs.

Furthermore, no more than four players in a group are allowed.

Dear golfer, remember that on the course priority to others may be given but should not be demanded.

For you who like to smoke, please pick up your cigarette butts. They must not be thrown away on the course.

Would you like to take your dog with you? It is possible, provided that the dog is on a lead and that you take care to pick up the droppings !

For further details please ask the reception to consult the club rules.

Happy golfing to all of you !